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The Apostles Secret Conspiracy of the Twelve Paul S. Sturm

The Apostles Secret Conspiracy of the Twelve

Paul S. Sturm

Published July 31st 2013
Kindle Edition
381 pages
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 About the Book 

The Vatican suddenly acquires ancient scrolls smuggled from a hidden cave, deep below the Dead Sea. Among the scrolls, Cardinal Brandt is shocked to discover references to a letter written by Jesus the night before he was crucified.The Cardinal sees the opportunity to salvage his brother from a life of self-destruction by bringing Cutter to Rome to search out fragments of Jesus’ letter before a militant Muslim cult, Inshallha, destroys the letter. Cutter falls in love with Laura, director of a prestigious research facility in Tel-Aviv. Unknown to Cutter, she is a member of a secret cartel. Laura’s directive from her father, the leader of the cartel, is to betray Cutter and obtain Jesus’ letter to secure her position as future head of the cartel. Shrewd and determined, Laura must weigh her ambition against her attraction to the brash American.Cutter and Laura successfully assemble Jesus’ letter after a bloody confrontation with the Inshallha and the letter is smuggled to Saint Peter’s tomb.Priests are mutilated, security guards decapitated, a Cardinal is assassinated and a family’s ugly secret is exposed destroying the family, yet a section in Jesus’ letter remains coded even after the letter is successfully reassembled. Cardinal Brandt, the only person capable of decoding the secret, wrestles with his conscience in the isolation of Peter’s tomb. Should he admit to knowing the meaning of the hidden prophesy and spread chaos in a world already in turmoil or should he betray his brother and dispose of the Epistula before anyone knows it exists.